What a Trust the Lord has Placed in Us!

“Think what the Lord has given us–His power and authority! The power and authority to act for Him in all things pertaining to His work!

“With this priesthood power and, when necessary, the authorization of those with appropriate keys, we can perform the ordinances of salvation in His name: baptize for the remission of sins, confirm and confer the Holy Ghost, confer the priesthood and ordain others to priesthood offices, and perform temple ordinances. In His name we can administer His Church. In His name we can bless, home teach, and even heal the sick.

“What a trust the Lord has placed in us! Think of it, brethren. He trusts us!

“Before we received the priesthood, we had already been prepared and proven. We had exercised faith in Jesus Christ, repented, been baptized, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost. The level of experience we brought to our ordination varied. But the divine procedure was the same. We had been prayed about and interviewed by those exercising priesthood keys. We had been sustained by a vote of the Church members of our unit. We were ordained by one with authority and authorization to do so.

“The Lord is careful with His priesthood. To exercise His power and authority is a sacred trust.”