Do Not Refuse To Be Comforted

“Enoch rejoiced, and so can you over the grand, consoling reality regarding God: ‘And yet thou art there’ (Moses 7:30). Privileged Enoch even saw the God of heaven weep! (see v. 29). Yet Enoch was very discouraged by the gross wickedness anciently. He said he would ‘refuse to be comforted’ (v. 44). The mentoring Lord, however, told Enoch to ‘lift up your heart, and be glad; and look’ (v. 44). Then revealed to Enoch was Jesus’ Atonement in the meridian of time and also the latter-day Restoration. Enoch, who had been so distraught, now rejoiced!”

“Do not ‘refuse to be comforted.’ Let the revelations comfort you. Let the scriptures refresh you!”