Mission Struggles

“After President Wilford Woodruff joined the Church he desired to serve a mission.

” ‘I was but a Teacher,’ he wrote, ‘and it is not a Teacher’s office to go abroad and preach. I dared not tell any of the authorities of the Church that I wanted to preach, lest they might think I was seeking for an office.’ (Leaves from My Journal, Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Office, 1882, p. 8.)

“He prayed to the Lord, and without disclosing his desire to any others, he was ordained . . . and sent on a mission. They went to the Arkansas Territory.

“He and his companion struggled through a hundred miles of alligator-infested swamps, wet, muddy, and tired. Brother Woodruff developed a sharp pain in his knee and could go no further. His companion left him sitting on a log and went home. Brother Woodruff knelt down in the mud and prayed for help. He was healed and continued his mission.”