Unite In Righteousness

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

“When quorum members unite in righteousness, the powers of heaven flow unimpeded into their lives and are magnified in the service they extend to one another, to their families, to the Church, and to the communities in which they live.” +24   

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Priesthood Service


“As you grow a little older, there is another opportunity which will come to you in priesthood service. You will come to know your fellow quorum members well. You may have played basketball or football or shared some youth activities and service projects. With some you will have become close friends.” +24   

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Quorum Members


“Among our quorum members, you will likely find those who know of job openings and others who are skilled at writing resumes or assisting in interview preparation. Regardless of titles or skills, you will find a brotherhood committed to bear one another’s burdens.” 0   

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Man Hungers For Brotherhood


“Every man hungers for brotherhood. That desire finds a degree of fulfillment in many service clubs, trade associations, social groups, and similar organizations. And while all of these may be beneficial, there is none quite like the brotherhood of the priesthood of God.” +21   

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Quorum Of The Twelve


“The most precious thing lost in the Apostasy was the authority held by the Twelve—the priesthood keys. For the Church to be  His Church, there must be a Quorum of the Twelve who hold the keys and confer them on others.” +23   

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