Obedience To The Law Of Chastity


“Obedience to the law of chastity would diminish cries for abortion and would go a long way toward controlling sexually transmitted disease. Total fidelity in marriage would eliminate a major cause of divorce, with its consequent pain and sadness inflicted especially upon innocent children.” +24   

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Eternal Standard Of Chastity


“The world would tell you that this standard is old-fashioned and out of date. The world would have you accept a so-called new morality, which is nothing more than immorality. Our living prophet has reaffirmed that the eternal standard of chastity has not changed.” +22   

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“Chastity before marriage and faithfulness after marriage are cardinal ingredients for the full flowering of sacred love between husband and wife. Chastity nurtures and builds feelings of self-worth and indemnifies against the destruction of self-image.” +21   

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