It Guides Us


“This gospel culture comes from the plan of salvation, the commandments of God, and the teachings of the living prophets. It guides us in the way we raise our families and live our individual lives.” +23   

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Introduce Into Our Homes


“We need to introduce into our homes content that is virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy. If we make of our homes holy places that shelter us from evil, we will be protected from the adverse consequences that the scriptures have foretold.” +22   

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As You Live High Standards


“As you live high standards publicly and privately, and even under great pressure adhere to them, you raise the vision of others, helping them realize more of their divine capacity. Like a worthy magnet, you will draw others to a higher standard of life.” +22   

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Gospel Truths Make A Difference

“Gospel truths make a difference in the lives of children. Over the past few years, I’ve seen countless examples of children who have been taught gospel principles. When they learn these truths, they build a reservoir of strength to draw from throughout their lives. Let me share two examples with you.” +22   

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To Our Beloved Young People


“To our beloved young people we would say a few more things about the responsibility of marriage. When the selection of a life’s companion is made and the time comes, our young people should marry in the holy temple and have their families; complete their education; establish themselves in a profitable, honorable and rewarding occupation; […]

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