Establishment Of The Church


“You have not only our love and confidence but also our prayers and blessings. We know that the success of your generation is essential to the continued establishment of the Church and the growth of the kingdom. We pray that you will act well your part as you avoid wearing a mask.” +25   

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Faithful Members Of The Church


“Faithful members of the Church can find comfort in knowing that they can lay claim to the promises of divine guidance and power, through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost and the privileges of the priesthood, in their efforts to help family members receive the blessings of salvation and exaltation.” +25   

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Far-Reaching Impact


“We are seeing both the principles of welfare, which is caring for the poor and needy, and the principle of self-reliance in action. This is astounding, and something that will have a far-reaching impact upon Church members.” +25   

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