Elder L. Tom Perry

“Secularism is becoming the norm, and many of its beliefs and practices are in direct conflict with those that were instituted by the Lord Himself for the benefit of His children.” +22   

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Parents And Teachers


“Parents and teachers need to know that a youngster can tell right from wrong. This knowledge may be distorted or perverted or covered up in unfortunate life experiences, but intuitively, as a part of the spiritual gift of all humanity, there is a knowledge of right from wrong.” +28   

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Graft Them Into The Hearts


“We can do so on camping trips, on family vacations, on those family nights when there comes a time for just a few—or perhaps many—words about things of an eternal nature. Slowly and surely we can take from our own heart the feelings we have about the temple and graft them into the hearts of […]

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A child’s Expression


“A child’s expression about a lesson learned in family scripture study or a candid statement of concern about a gospel principle or practice can be most illuminating and help parents better understand a child’s specific question or needs.” +23   

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