“Adversity can come as a great storm to blow us off course and threaten to cast us against the rocks. But sometimes we are also in danger when everything appears to be safe—the winds soft and the waters smooth.” +29   

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We Are Tested


“We mortals have a limited view of life from the eternal perspective. But if we know and understand Heavenly Father’s plan, we realize that dealing with adversity is one of the chief ways we are tested.” +26   

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The Other Reason For Adversity


“The other reason for adversity is to accomplish the Lord’s own purposes in our life that we may receive the refinement that comes from testing. It is vitally important for each of us to identify from which of these two sources come our trials and challenges, for the corrective action is very different.” +25   

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As You Overcome Adversity


“As you overcome adversity in your life, you will become stronger. Then you will be better able to help others —those who are working, in their turn, to find a safe harbor from the storms that rage about them.” +26   

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We Need Strength Beyond Ourselves


“We need strength beyond ourselves to keep the commandments in whatever circumstance life brings to us. … The combination of trials and their duration are as varied as are the children of our Heavenly Father. No two are alike. But what is being tested is the same, at all times in our lives and for […]

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