Study And Apply What We Have Learned


“In addition to inviting us to hold personal and family scripture study, Heavenly Father wants us to regularly study and apply what we have learned in conference. I testify that those who put their trust in the Lord and heed this counsel in faith will gain great strength to bless themselves and their families for […]

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Shining Examples


“In addition to being shining examples in our individual lives, let’s make sure that we strengthen our homes and families and, at the same time, do all we can to reach out with understanding to encourage and bring blessings into the lives of the single adults of our church.” +25   

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Willing To Stand Up And Be Counted

“It is not enough for us to know what is right and to believe it is good. We must be willing to stand up and be counted. We must be willing to act in accordance with what we believe under all circumstances. It is of little value for us to believe one way if we […]

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Go On A Mission For The Right Reason


“But to go on a mission for the singular purpose of self-improvement is really doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Anyone who answers a call to go on an errand for the Lord must have as his objective the totally unselfish desire to bless the lives of other people.”   +30   

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Live A Good, Clean Life

“Teach by your own actions. Live a good, clean life. Decide against immorality. Decide against pornography. Decide to live a clean life so you will be worthy to be married for time and eternity in the temple of the Lord. Choose not only to be worthy but decide to marry in the house of the […]

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Womanhood And Manhood


“In the work of the Kingdom, men and women are not without each other, but do not envy each other, lest by reversals and renunciations of role we make a wasteland of both womanhood and manhood.”   +28   

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